10:10am 03-20-2023
omg your site looks awesome thanks for following me
7:23pm 03-18-2023
hi from goatlings! <3
11:10pm 03-14-2023
I love everything here. It feels like a thunderstorm afternoon, bubble gum, and monster. <3
7:02pm 03-13-2023
sick site... coming back here another day to get inspired >_> art is cool as hell too, love the liveliness.
8:37am 03-06-2023
12:18am 04-28-2022
obsessed with your layout and I wanna eat your art, i imagine it tastes like a sour patch kid
12:58pm 03-04-2022
awesome art man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8:26am 02-22-2022
forgot to add but your spider of interest page is very cool and i loved reading it, i love bugs & spiders and things so very appreciated!!
8:25am 02-22-2022
i love your work so much; it's raining outside & almost midnight and it set the mood so well for looking through this site. your art style is so addictive to look at; especially your traditional art I think! And your aesthetic is so lovely, too, it's so inspiring!!
Replied on: 1:51pm 04-09-2022

OOHHH Thank you so much! I'm actually not too confident in my traditional work so this is a huge boost, so cool

5:32pm 01-31-2022
SICK SITE AND ART!! i saw your stuff on cinni's oekaki first, and then ate up everything after have a great one
Replied on: 1:53pm 04-09-2022

<3 <3 <3 thank you! i'll have to revisit that oekaki soon...

12:14pm 01-30-2022
Your art is wicked cool!
11:22am 01-30-2022
average creature
wwowoooo this site slaps also im putting ur artstyle in my mouth and crunching it up like salt n vinegar potato chips!! lov da halflife art B)
Replied on: 7:09pm 01-30-2022

Thank you! I need some salt n vinegar chips now

6:12pm 01-25-2022
super cool site 😎 i love the colors/general visual design & also ur collection tab. top 10 websites to visit & go "wow. this is why i should learn to code so i can make cool stuff like this <3" & then not do it but the main thing is great job on the site it's awesome 👍🏼
Replied on: 7:14pm 01-30-2022

HEHAA thank you! I've been coding html for maybe four years with some considerable periods of rest in between but all the practice has really come in handy, I hope you get the chance to work with it yourself and have some fun though.

1:34pm 01-16-2022
Hey you have really cool art
1:20am 01-08-2022
UR ART IS SICKKKKK i dig ur style of horror >:^) u should check out racadekle on twitter, i think u might like their stuff!
Replied on: 10:06am 01-10-2022

THANK U SUPER COOL, thank u for the recommendation lawl

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